Australian Base Implementation Guide

This page is part of AU Base v4.0.0 based on FHIR R4. For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions

ValueSets and CodeSystems defined as part of this Implementation Guide

Value Sets

Value sets defined in this implementation guide.

  • Contact Purpose
  • ActEncounterCode - AU Extended
  • hl7VS-identifierType - AU Extended
  • hl7VS-degreeLicenseCertificate - AU Extended
  • hl7VS-providerRole - AU Extended
  • Service Provision Conditions Australian Concepts
  • PBS Item Codes
  • MIMS
  • AMT Medicinal Product and Substances
  • Medication Type
  • DVA Entitlement
  • Accession Number Type
  • Order Identifier Type
  • Location Type (Physical) - AU Extended
  • ServiceDeliveryLocationRoleType - AU Extended
  • Medicine Item Change
  • AU Time Zone
  • Code Systems

    Code systems defined in this implementation guide.

  • PBS Item Codes
  • Monthly Index of Medical Specialties (MIMS)
  • Medication Type
  • Service Provision Conditions Australian Concepts
  • Contact Purpose
  • ActCode AU
  • IdentifierType AU
  • DegreeLicenseCertificate AU
  • providerRole AU
  • Location Type (Physical) AU
  • Location Type AU
  • Medicine Item Change
  • Annotations

    When appropriate the following annotations to the titles of the value sets are made to indicate publishing status:

    • NCTS publishing pending : it is expected the National Clinical Terminology Service will publish these sets in full.
    • URL pending : it is certain the canonical URL allocated to this CodeSystem will change.
    • External : externally managed CodeSystem content, definition of code is not included here.
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