Australian Base Implementation Guide

This page is part of AU Base v4.0.0 based on FHIR R4. For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions

Example: PractitionerRole-example3

Formats: Narrative, XML, JSON, Turtle

Generated Narrative

Resource "example3"

Profile: AU Base Practitioner Role

identifier: Medicare Provider Number: 1234561A

practitioner: Practitioner/example3 " FERNANDO"

organization: Organization/example3 "Devonport Family Medicine Clinic"

code: General practitioner (SNOMED CT#62247001)

specialty: General practice (specialty) (SNOMED CT#394814009)

location: Location/example3

healthcareService: HealthcareService/example3 "General Practitioner services"



*mon, tue, wed, thu, fri08:00:0020:00:00


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