Australian Base Implementation Guide (AU Base 1)

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HL7 V2 table 0203 extended for Australian use

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Copyright:®© 2018+; Licensed Under Creative Commons No Rights Reserved.
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v2 Identifier Type - AU Extended

HL7 V2 table 0203 extended for Australian use

Copyright Statement: ®© 2018+; Licensed Under Creative Commons No Rights Reserved.

This value set includes codes from the following code systems:


This value set contains 132 concepts

Expansion based on version 3.0.1, version 2.8.2, version 1.0.2

UDI Device IdentifierA identifier assigned to a device using the Universal Device Identifier framework as defined by FDA (
SNO NumberAn identifier affixed to an item by the manufacturer when it is first made, where each item has a different identifier.
SB Beneficiary IdentifierAn identifier issued by a governmental organization to an individual for the purpose of the receipt of social services and benefits.
PLAC IdentifierThe identifier associated with the person or service that requests or places an order.
FILL IdentifierThe Identifier associated with the person, or service, who produces the observations or fulfills the order requested by the requestor.
AM Express
AMA Medical Association Number
AN number
An identifier for a provi
An Identifier for a provider a
An identifier for a provider r
ANC number Creditor
AND number debitor
ANON identifier
ANT Account Number
APRN Practice Registered Nurse number
ASID Specimen ID
BA Account Number
BC Card Number
BCT Certificate
BR registry number
BRN Registry Number
BSNR physician office number
CC Center number
CONM of Name Document
CY number
CZ Card
DDS license number
DEA Enforcement Administration registration number
DFN Furnishing or prescriptive authority Number
DI's Club card
DL's license number
DN number
DO License number
DP Passport
DPM license number
DR Registration Number
DS Card
EI number
EN number
ESN Enterprise Number
GI internal identifier
GL ledger number
GN external identifier
HC Card Number
JHN health number (Canada)
LACSN Accession ID
LANR physician number
LI and industries number
LN number
LR Registry ID
MA Medicaid number
MB Number
MC's Medicare number
MCD Medicaid number
MCN Number
MCR Medicare number
MCT Certificate
MD License number
MI ID number
MR record number
MRT Medical Record Number
NBSNR physician office number
NCT Certificate
NE employer identifier
NH Health Plan Identifier
NI unique individual identifier
NII Insurance Organization Identifier
NIIP Insurance Payor Identifier (Payor)
NNxxx Person Identifier where the xxx is the ISO table 3166 3-character (alphabetic) country code
NP practitioner number
NPI provider identifier
OD license number
PA Assistant number
PC Card
PCN institution Number
PE Subject Enterprise Number
PEN Number
PI internal identifier
PN number
PNT Living Subject Number
PPIN Performing Provider Identification Number
PPN number
PRC Resident Card Number
PRN number
PT external identifier
QA number
RI identifier
RN Nurse Number
RPH license number
RR Retirement number
RRI registry ID
RRP Retirement Provider
SL license
SN Number
SP Permit
SR registry ID
SS Security number
TAX ID number
TN Number/ (Canada)
TPR Permanent Resident (Canada)
U identifier
UPIN (formerly HCFA)'s Universal Physician Identification numbers
USID Specimen ID
VN number
VP Permit
WC identifier
WCN' Comp Number
WP Permit
XX identifier
AHPRA Health Practitioner Regulation Agency Registration NumberAustralian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency allocated registration number
DVG Gold Card NumberDepartment of Veterans' Affairs Number (Gold Card)
DVL Lilac Card NumberDepartment of Veterans' Affairs Number (Lilac Card)
DVO Orange Card NumberDepartment of Veterans' Affairs Number (Orange Card)
DVW White Card NumberDepartment of Veterans' Affairs Number (White Card)
ETP Transfer of Prescription IdentifierIdentifier allocated by an ETP supplier, sometimes related to a barcorde.
LDI Dispense IdentifierLocal dispensing identifier
LPN Prescription NumberLocal requester system identifier for prescriptions
NDI Device IdentifierNationally assigned device identifier, that is commonly a PAI-D
NOI Organisation IdentifierNationally assigned organisation identifier, that is commonly a HPI-O
NPIO provider at organisation identifierNational provider at organisation identifier; combined identifier [HPI-I]@[HPI-O]
NRI Repository IdentifierNationally assigned repository identifier, that is commonly a PAI-R
PRES NumberMedicare assigned prescriber number for a practitioner
SEN Seniors Health CardSeniors healthcare card number assigned by Department of Health and Human Services
UPIN Provider NumberLocation specific Medicare Provider Number
VDI Directory IdentifierA unique vendor identifier allocated to a provider directory entry (PractitionerRole or HealthcareService), typically used for routing secure messages