Australian Base Implementation Guide

This page is part of AU Base v4.0.0 based on FHIR R4. For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions

D.4.1.4 StructureDefinition: AustralianAddress - Mappings

Mappings for the StructureDefinition-au-address Profile.

Mappings for HL7 v2 Mapping (

   extension (identifier)
      value[x]CX / EI (occasionally, more often EI maps to a resource id or a URL)
   textXAD.1 + XAD.2 + XAD.3 + XAD.4 + XAD.5 + XAD.6
   lineXAD.1 + XAD.2 (note: XAD.1 and XAD.2 have different meanings for a company address than for a person address)
   periodXAD.12 / XAD.13 + XAD.14

Mappings for RIM Mapping (

Addressn/a, AD
   extension (identifier)
      value[x]n/a, II - The Identifier class is a little looser than the v3 type II because it allows URIs as well as registered OIDs or GUIDs. Also maps to Role[classCode=IDENT]
   lineAD.part[parttype = AL]
   cityAD.part[parttype = CTY]
   districtAD.part[parttype = CNT | CPA]
   stateAD.part[parttype = STA]
   postalCodeAD.part[parttype = ZIP]
   countryAD.part[parttype = CNT]

Mappings for ServD (

   extension (identifier)
   line./StreetAddress (newline delimitted)
   period./StartDate and ./EndDate

Mappings for vCard Mapping (

   typeaddress type parameter
   textaddress label parameter
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